Johanna Samuelsson is a textile designer based in Stockholm, Sweden.
She was educated at The Swedish School of Textiles, graduating
in spring 2016 with a master of fine arts in textile design. She has
also studied art.

Her BA degree work in textile design Reflection of the sun (Solkatt)
is part of the exhibition NORDIC CRAFT AND DESIGN 
at Manchester Art Gallery, United Kingdom.
Friday 6 July 2018–Sunday 7 July 2019.

Showcasing furniture, fashion, lighting, ceramics, glass, metalwork and jewellery,
Nordic Craft and Design highlights the superb quality and creativity inherent in
design from the region and features pieces from 1930 to the present day. Designers
and crafts people from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden will be represented,
as well as other makers who are inspired by Nordic design.

Reflection of the sun (Solkatt) has won several awards including the
New Star Award at Shenzen Design Award,
a competition in cooperation and association with UNESCO Creative Cities.

Her textiles has been exhibited in Sweden, UK, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, China and Hong Kong.

Johanna is developing innovative textiles, combining tradition with latest technology.